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Aquabatics Water Circuit


Welcome to our exciting new Aquabatics Water Park located here on Narrabeen Lagoon. This fun new course is designed for children ages 4 years to 12 Years old.

Keep the kids busy this summer whilst parents sit back at watch your kids have an adventerous and fun time on our Aquabatics Course.

at Pro Kayaks Narrabeen
11 Narrabeen St, Narrabeen

Children aged between 4 Years Old to 12 Years old

We are open everyday Over the Summer School Holidays.
Sessions run for 1 hour (50 minutes on the Circuit and 10 minute safety briefing and life jacket check)

$20 per child per session

To Book a full session for your child’s party please contact us:
99707081 or [email protected]



Pro Kayaks Safety Rules

It is a requirement of Pro Kayaks that all participants must be aware of, and abide by, the Safety
Rules listed below.

Health and Safety (Covid 19)

Following Government and Health guidelines, we are operating with procedures and capacity
controls in place adhering to all social distancing guidelines. We are following all the guidelines
included in the NSW Government – Covid 19 Safety Plan. All visitors to the park must record their
names and contact details (spectators as well as participants). We insist all visitors follow the staff
directions and observe all health protocols. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone
with any signs of Covid symptoms or high temperature. Bookings are essential for all activities.
The Inflatable Activity Circuit is run by sessions. A session is 50 minutes long and runs every hour
on the hour. Initially you may do a maximum of 2 sessions per day, which must be back to back.
Numbers are limited on every session.
Customers are all expected to leave as soon as their session times are finished. No
excessive gathering or hanging out is permitted. Parents or guardians must accompany any
kids under 14 and must NOT drop their kids off and leave them unsupervised before and
after the activity.
Social distancing should always be observed, both on the shoreline and on the water. Capacity
limits on all obstacles must be observed and all staff directions followed. Staff assistance will be
given to participants, but physical contact will be limited to what is deemed essential.

Health and Safety – General

The Pro Kayaks inflatable activity circuit may involve strenuous outdoor physical activity.
The runways and obstacles are all inflatable items anchored in place and floating on the
water surface. As such they are slippery and can be potentially hazardous, prevention is
important. Abiding by and enforcing of the safety rules helps to prevent accidents from
• Remove watches, jewelry, keys and any other sharp objects before entering the
• No access to the circuit is granted with any objects from outside the facility
• It is mandatory for ALL patrons to wear a BUOYANCY AID (supplied) at all
times. Please ensure your buoyancy aid fits securely and the straps are
• NEVER, under any circumstances, attempt to dive underneath any of the obstacles.
ALWAYS use the top surface
• NEVER DIVE HEAD FIRST into the water from any part of the course. You must
always enter the water feet first
• ALWAYS look up whilst climbing. Do not climb underneath someone climbing
above you. People can slip and fall whilst climbing
• Make sure the water and landing area is clear before jumping or sliding into the water
• If sliding with a friend DO NOT hold hands. Slide separately
• Do not slide down any area that has climbing handles attached
• No pushing or excessively rough play. Smaller children should always be given right of
• The park is only for use during public opening hours when STAFF are on duty
• Always follow the directions and rules of the STAFF on duty
• If rules are not obeyed, you can be asked to leave activity and the area
Our on-water staff can assist you, please call for them or raise your hand if you need
assistance at any time. Always follow their directions when given.
If you have trouble getting up on the equipment, the access ramps are your best option,
and these are located on a number of the pieces of equipment around the circuit.
Children aged under 4 or over 12 are not permitted to use the inflatable activity circuit
under normal operating conditions and parents and guardians, are responsible for their
charges at all times.
By taking part on the circuit, all participants need to be aware of the physical nature of
the activity and must be instructed on the safety rules above. Parents and guardians will
need to sign the Inflatable Activity Circuit waiver form to acknowledge and accept these
conditions on behalf of anyone under the age of 14yrs.